Why you should detox your armpits?

Why you should detox your armpits?

Posted by Felicia on Jun 22nd 2018

Let's face it we all need to detox our bodies once and a while whether it's from food, drinks, sugars, nicotine, alcohol or even beauty products its something that our bodies crave to do. Have you eve … read more
DIY Super Face Spritz

DIY Super Face Spritz

Posted by Felicia on Feb 1st 2018

If you've ever felt beat down and your skin was starting to show it. How about refreshing and reviving your skin with this Super Face Spritz Spray that's a picker up just like a fleet of sunflowers sh … read more

Coconut Oil's Secret

Nov 6th 2017

Did you know? Coconut Oil is one of those oils you really should have in your life. It's a perfect hair moisturizer for people who suffer from dry, brittle or over processed hair. It can also st … read more

Top At Home Face Brighter Remedy

Posted by Felicia on Jun 20th 2017

These days there are so many beauty products to choose from you sometimes feel overwhelmed. If you're like me and always looking for natural ways to combat your skin without having to use har … read more