Our Story, Vegan Cruelty Free Beauty Store

Nealy Naturals was created by inspiration from great grandma Nancy and the unfortunate incident from a traditional beauty product that left the founder with a face burn. This caused the action for researching beauty ingredients and learning what the side effects are to prevent this from happening again to anyone. After further studying what ingredients are actually used caused a chain reaction to want to find alternative ingredients that are safer for people, animals and our planet. 

Nealy Naturals mission is to eliminate the use of harsh irritable ingredients in hair, skin and body care beauty care products by offering sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free solutions that are plant and seed based. We handcraft an array line of handmade natural products whose ingredients are ethically sourced from manufactures who believe in our mission and provide us with high quality oils, essential oils seeds and ingredients that are well trusted,. This allows us reassurance in knowing our products are Green Clean Beauty. We pride ourselves in knowing our customers are receiving products that empower wellness and health and are adding to the self care culture for the future in beauty. We are Leaping Bunny PETA and Truly Cruelty Free Certified