Wash and Go Easy

Felicia Nealy

We are constantly finding ourselves on the go today and are looking for ways to minimize certain chores and duties so we can spend time on things that matter right? Things like our hair. If you are a newbie natural or a seasoned veteran you know the task of shampooing your hair can be daunting at times. That's one of the reason I created the African Black Shampoo Bar to help with time and of course for great healthy results. African Black Soap is great for skin but, did you know that it works wonders on hair too it's all natural and made from real oils with absolutely no sulfates or parabens which separates it from traditional hair shampoo. It creates a real clean and leaves hair soft and much more manageable which depending on your hair texture and your preference you can skip using any conditioner. The Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils added give your scalp a deep cleanse without stripping your hair of any natural oils or moisture. 

Our African Black Shampoo Bar comes naked so there is no packaging and is also a space saver because there are no clunky bottles to store just safely dry your soap bar and store in a cool place it even can be stored right in your soap bar dish. So, find relief in your wash and begin having a easy and loving hair wash day when it comes around again. 

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