Natural Beauty Tips

How To Get Back The Hair You Were Born With

We see the baby pictures of ourselves and wonder. What happened to the beautiful set of hair I was born with? Well the answer is nothing happened to it it’s still there being covered up by either relaxers, chemicals or straight up damage.  There is hope though for you to retain the texture that you were born with. The first step is to understand and educate yourself on your daily routine that you’ve been using and find out exactly what’s in your product ingredients. Once you identify them the next step is to see if they’re  harmful. You can check...

Aromatherapy for your senses

Felicia Nealy

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 Essential Oils have been around for centuries and used in so many ways. The great thing about these natural plant oils is that they are concentrated and a little goes a long way. Whether your using them as aromatherapy, mixtures with carrier oils or topical it is best to first, do a little research on the essential oil to make sure you get the best use from it. Some of my favorites are lavender, peppermint, frankincense and tea tree oil. I find myself using in my bath water depending on my mood will depend on which one I choose for...

Wash and Go Easy

We are constantly finding ourselves on the go today and are looking for ways to minimize certain chores and duties so we can spend time on things that matter right? Things like our hair. If you are a newbie natural or a seasoned veteran you know the task of shampooing your hair can be daunting at times. That's one of the reason I created the African Black Shampoo Bar to help with time and of course for great healthy results. African Black Soap is great for skin but, did you know that it works wonders on hair too it's all...